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The Effective Credit Write-Up

This program provides a one-day “time out” for more experienced lenders who would like to polish their write-up skills. Participants learn techniques to improve the overall effectiveness of their write-ups and enhance others’ perceptions of their credit judgment. The course enables lenders to recognize a quality write-up, in terms of both written expression and the underlying strength and logic of the credit arguments. They work in teams to critique and revise a flawed write-up, identifying and correcting weaknesses in both credit logic and writing technique.

Participants also develop portions of a second case study write-up “from scratch.” Skills learned in the course enable lenders to critique their own write-ups, identifying both writing faults and areas where organization and logic can be improved. The in-class exercises provide new skills that participants can apply to their very next write-up assignment. (One day)

Participant comments include:

  • “I wish I had attended this program when I first started lending.”
  • “After just one day, I can already see areas for improvement in my own write-ups.”
  • “It was hard to write in teams, but arguing and discussing the best way to write about risk really made us think, and it helped stop me from relying on old habits.”
  • “I’ll try to be concise about this-the course was great!”
  • “Very appropriate seminar. Everyone should have the chance to take it.”

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